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How to use Gloo for Events

Have an event coming up? Try using Gloo for communication and engagement before, at, and after the event!

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Using texting before, at, and after your event can provide effective communication and meaningful engagement.

Here are a few different ways you can use Gloo to give lift to your event strategy.

Functional Needs

  • Use Broadcasts to remind people about the upcoming event and to send need to know event information.

  • Try setting up a Custom Keyword for people to use for event sign up.

  • At the event, set up additional keywords to easily distribute helpful resources.

    • For example, text "MAP" to receive a digital map of our event or text "NOTES" to receive a link to a speaker's notes.

Real Time Engagement at the Event

Because texting is such a personal mode of communication, there are some incredible opportunities for meaningful interaction throughout the event.

  • Use Gloo for people to send in any questions they have.

    • This could be throughout the event or specifically for a live panel Q&A session.

  • During a prayer and worship time, capture prayer requests live by having people text in their request in the moment.

    • Or if you have a designated prayer room, set up a sign with your phone number and use texting as your mode of capturing any requests.

Event Follow Up

Series are the best way to capture the momentum of an event and take it beyond the "conference high."

During one of your sessions, have a call to action that encourages people to opt in to an initiative.

Think about this as a way to capture a hand raise for the time you're together. What are you hoping to accomplish at the event? Use your Series to take whatever that is beyond the event.

Some ideas:

  • Do you want people to say they are "all in" for something? Have them text in to acknowledge they are, and then in the following messages continue to encourage them.

  • Do you want people to launch into a prayer initiative? Invite them to text in and set up prayer prompts for the days following the event to galvanize people around prayer.

  • Do you want people to learn more about something you are offering or receive additional training? Have them text in during the event and then the days following, send out messages to equip your people further.

In the messages following the days after the event, offer additional opportunities to text in. For example, ask them to share their story of what God did at the event by texting "story." Or ask them to reply with other keywords you've set up.

Evaluation of your Event

Use texting to gather feedback to improve your next event.

  • Post event, try sending out a Survey to capture feedback.

  • During the event, if you have seminars, set up Keywords that send back an opportunity to submit feedback for just that seminar.

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