Updating My User Profile

Change your login information and turn on notifications.

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Profile Settings

Manage your profile under Settings -> My User Profile.

In your profile, you can update your name, email, phone number for notifications, and password. Click Save to finalize your changes.

Note: This is the only tab is your account that is configured for each individual user and not the account as a whole.

Notification Settings

There are three notification options in your profile which you can toggle on or off. In a new account these settings have the Email Me and Send Me a Push Notification options turned on by default, and each team member is able to configure their own settings. For each type of notification, you can choose to receive a text, an email, and/or a push notification in the Gloo mobile app.

The first notification, when toggled on, will notify you every time a new prayer request is submitted, and the second option notifies you when any new unresolved message comes in, including messages sent from explorers once you have already started to interact with them. The third option will notify you whenever a brand new Explorer is routed into your account.

Be sure to click Save after making any changes.

Note: In order to receive text notifications, you will be prompted to first verify your phone number in the My Info section of your user profile.

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