Since you'll be texting people with Gloo, one of the first things you'll need to know is how to populate the People tab in your account.

Every person will have a profile that shows up in the People tab. Profiles can have a status of Active, Inactive, Unsubscribed, or Blocked. The People count at the top of your account shows the total Active people in your account.

How does a new person get created in my account?

There are 3 ways a new person gets created in your Gloo account.

  1. Manually inputting them one by one.

  2. Bulk adding people via ChMS integration or CSV upload.

  3. Someone simply texting into your account's phone number.

Let's look at each of these.

Manual input

The "Add new person" button in the People tab is a great option if you only have one or a few new people to create. For example, this might be helpful if you just want to add a few of your staff teammates.

Simply input the information, verify you have permission to text the person, and click "Create Person."

Bulk adding via ChMS or CSV upload

When you have more than 10 people to add to your account, ChMS integration or CSV upload is a great option to add them all at once.

Note: This is the most common way People get added.

To bulk add People, select the "Manage Integrations" button on the People page.

Or navigate to "Settings," then "Integrations."

Choose one of these guides for full instructions on setting up your integration or uploading via CSV file.

Texting in

The third way People get created in Gloo is simply by texting in to your account's phone number. It doesn't matter what they text in; they just need to text something!

When someone new texts in, a profile will immediately get created in the People tab. Because Gloo automatically asks for someone's name, the profile will be amended with the name upon someone texting it in.

Note: If someone was created via the other methods and already has a profile, their name will not be asked for.

Note: Even if someone does not give their name, a profile is created with (No Name) as a placeholder.

Shape this user onboarding experience by navigating to "Settings," then "Onboarding."

Pro Tip: Try it out in the Texting Simulator!

Which People creation option should I choose?

The texting in method is automatic, so it happens by default. This means it can be used as the only method of adding people into your account OR it can be used in addition to the other methods. (For example, you may integrate your ChMS, but any new guests will be created as People upon texting in.)

If you already have phone numbers ready to text, and you'd like to send them a broadcast, it makes the most sense to manually input, integrate, or import.

In addition, it makes sense to integrate your ChMS even if you don't want to broadcast, but you don't want Gloo to ask for people's names upon them texting in because you already have them.

Reminder: If someone already has a profile in your account, their name will not be asked for.

Pro Tip: When managing your integration, select the option that makes it so any new Gloo People get created in your ChMS too!

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