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You may have noticed the Gloo app looks a little different from the last time you signed in! We've refreshed the look of our platform and moved things around, but don't worry- you haven't lost any features! In fact, there are a few new features you may not have noticed yet. In this article we'll walk you through what has changed to make sure you are still able to find the features you know and love that keep you connected with resources, your congregations, and Explorers!


Let's start with a quick overview. Signing into your Gloo account will automatically put you in what was formerly the Discover tab. From this screen, you can access all of the settings and features in your Gloo account, as well as switch between accounts if you have multiple.


This tab correlates to the old Discover tab in your Gloo account. Visit this tab to explore and deploy all sorts of resources- sermons, video content, messaging templates, scholarships, and more!

Pro tip: Did you know that you can now purchase digital products from respected partners like Outreach and Shift Worship? Just click on the Marketplace in the Discover tab to learn more!


The new Messaging tab is your one stop shop for all of Gloo's messaging features. Think of it as a combined Reach and Engage tabs. In your Inbox and Outbox tabs you'll find all of your messages and the features you've come to love like Broadcasts, Series, and Prayer Requests.

Note that if you have a premium account and have been receiving Explorers, those messages will show up both in your full Messages Inbox as well as the Explorers tab under your Inbox. We are planning some continued upgrades in this section, but for the moment we recommend responding to your congregants through the Messages tab, where you'll be able to resolve completed messages, and to your Explorers through the Explorers tab, where you'll be able to update your Explorer's status.

Pro tip: Did you know that account administrators can now limit exactly who can see each Explorer conversation? Just click the eye icon on the right side to make adjustments!

Your Messaging tab also hosts many things that used to live under your Reach and Engage Settings. You can use these menus to adjust your Explorer Settings, as well as the automated messages sent by your Gloo account including Quick Responses, Onboarding Messages, and Customized Messages.


The Measure tab is equivalent to the old Measure tab and still houses all of your data tools like Analytics, Networks, and Assessments.

Pro tip: Did you know that you can now easily send Assessments to your congregation through a Broadcast? Try it today!

My People

The new My People tab gives you access to your People and Groups, which used to be under the Engage tab. You can use this tab to access a full list of all of the people you've added to your Gloo account, adjust their profiles, and organize your Groups. You can also add new people into your Gloo account by Integrating with your church management system or uploading a csv.

Account Settings

Mousing over your initials in the bottom left corner of the screen will take you to all of your Account Settings that used to show up in the top right corner. You can use this menu to adjust your user profile, configure your notifications, add team members, view any orders you've placed through the Marketplace, and more!

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